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Unannounced guests? Smelly pets? Just a few drops of Home Fragrance Oil fills your space with scent in minutes.

Gold Canyon Home Fragrance Oils are the best way to deliver strong fragrance fast. Just a few drops on a Scent Cube pad allows the fan diffuser to spread fragrance quickly through any space in need of a little scent pick-me-up. Oil Warmer Adapters transform your Scent Pod Warmer into an oil warmer, so you get the best of both wickless worlds. Available in over 50 scents.

Home Fragrance Oil

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Sweet Pea Home Fragrance Oil

Ripened raspberry. Dreamy sweet pea. Blossoming lilies.

Sweet Sun Tea Home Fragrance Oil

Herbaceous black tea. Welcoming honey. Perky lemon.

Thai Pineapple Home Fragrance Oil

Cool cyclamen. Tropical pineapple. Golden patchouli.

What’s His Name? Home Fragrance Oil

Daring bergamot. Woody fir balsam. Intense sandalwood.

White Citrus Home Fragrance Oil

Lively citrus. Juicy tangerine. Comforting vanilla.

White Magnolia Home Fragrance Oil

Effluvious magnolia. Blooming jasmine. Immersive musk.

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