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Unannounced guests? Smelly pets? Just a few drops of Home Fragrance Oil fills your space with scent in minutes.

Gold Canyon Home Fragrance Oils are the best way to deliver strong fragrance fast. Just a few drops on a Scent Cube pad allows the fan diffuser to spread fragrance quickly through any space in need of a little scent pick-me-up. Oil Warmer Adapters transform your Scent Pod Warmer into an oil warmer, so you get the best of both wickless worlds. Available in over 50 scents.

Home Fragrance Oil

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Apple Leaf Home Fragrance Oil

Crisp Granny Smith apple. Delicate pear. Fresh-cut grass.

Autumn Walk Home Fragrance Oil

Enchanting jasmine. Woody musk. Spicy sandalwood.

Banana Nut Bread Home Fragrance Oil

Baked banana. Crunchy walnuts. Delightful cinnamon.

Black Rain Home Fragrance Oil

Mysterious wood. Entrancing balsam. Fresh herbs.

Botanical Home Fragrance Oil

Fresh green grass. Sunlit lily. Warm musk.

Brown Sugar Cookie Home Fragrance Oil

Scrumptious toffee. Warm brown sugar. Baked vanilla.

Cherry Fizz Home Fragrance Oil

Tart cherry. Tangy strawberry. Sparkling sugar.

Cinnamon Vanilla Home Fragrance Oil

Spicy cinnamon. Sweet butter. Heartwarming vanilla.

Clean Sheets Home Fragrance Oil

Fresh air. Natural wood. Aromatic herbs.

Coconut Angel Food Cake Home Fragrance Oil

Unrefined vanilla beans. Decadent caramel accord. Heartwarming coconut wood.

Coconut Blossoms Home Fragrance Oil

Luscious passion flower. Floral apple blossom. Tropical coconut.

Coconut H2O Home Fragrance Oil

Soft Tahitian gardenia. Milky coconut. Dreamy rose.

Coconut Lime Verbena Home Fragrance Oil

Tropical coconut. Smooth lime verbena. Creamy vanilla.

Coconut Mango Home Fragrance Oil

Revitalizing coconut. Sweet mango. Tropical citrus.

Cucumber Melon Home Fragrance Oil

Refreshing cucumber. Juicy melon. Light seasonal blossoms.

Dakota Fig Home Fragrance Oil

Dewy figs. Frosted cypress. Cashmere wood.

Dragon Flower Tea Home Fragrance Oil

Exhilarating lemongrass. Enchanting chamomile. Bold rooibos tea leaves.

Driftwood Home Fragrance Oil

Rugged bergamot. Oceanic green leaf. Aged cedarwood.

Floratopia Home Fragrance Oil

Soft water flowers. Energizing citrus. Sun-kissed wood.

Fresh Watermelon Home Fragrance Oil

Fresh-sliced melon. Juicy strawberry. Nostalgic vanilla.

Gardenia Petals Home Fragrance Oil

Loving gardenia. Exquisite jasmine. Lush ylang ylang.

Ginger & Nutmeg Home Fragrance Oil

Smoky nutmeg. Warm cinnamon bark. Spiced vanilla.

Ginger Lime Home Fragrance Oil

Electrifying lime. Refreshing lemongrass. Zesty ginger.

Grapefruit Sorbet Home Fragrance Oil

Icy grapefruit. Ripened raspberry. Sweet gardenia.

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